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Point of Sale Solution  v.1.0

This is a web based application of CRM + POS (Point of Sale) application.

Open Source Point of Sale  v.2.0

Open Source Point of Sale is a web based point of sale system written in the PHP language. It uses MySQL as the data storage back-end and has a simple user interface.

COMPOS Point of Sale  v.1.0

COMPOS Lite is a POS (Point of Sale) software written in JAVA. It runs in Linux and Windows. It uses Postgresql database.

Esol Designs Point Of Sale  v.1.0

EDPOS is a Server Client (POS) Point-of-Sale system whose ambition is to be very easy to use while staying very powerful and comprehensive.

NSOS Point Of Sale  v.1.0

NSOS Point Of Sale (POS) is an open source POS system written in PHP and uses MySQL as the backend database. This project is a fork of OpensourcePOS.

Now Open Point Of Sale  v.1.0

Now Open Point Of Sale is a free, complete stock and sale management solution. It manages Stock, Vendor,Customer and the like accounts. It Generates reports that informs a retailer how to improve turnover thus increasing profitability and cash flow.

OpenTill Point of Sale/Ecommerce System  v.1.0

OpenTill is a complete PHP/MySQL/Apache point-of-sale with integrated website capabilities. Purchase orders, barcode printing, barcode reading, reporting is all included. Very fast and reliable.

PHP Point of Sale V2  v.1.0

This is a PHP Point of Sale system, loosely based of the PHP Point of Sale.

Point of Sale Ajax PhP  v.1.0

We are building a Point of Sale to 'Casa Guatemala' using Apache, MySql and Apache, and Ajax in the interfaces.

Action Point Of Sale  v.1.0

A must-have for small restaurants, as well as shops. This program turns your computer into a sort-of till (cash register).

Estes Restaurant Point Of Sale  v.0.1.0

Estes is an open source restaurant POS. Contains module for coworking with kitchen - orders are transferred to kitchen for

Fastsell Point Of Sale Zenned  v.1.0

Zen Cart store version runs as stand alone store POS System. Also runs simultaneously online with broadband using same database. Processes CC orders with PayPal or other payment processor. All the features of Zen Cart on a POS system. Real time UPS

Restaurant POS (Point-of-Sale)  v.1.0

Since Floreant POS is seemingly dead, lets create an active group of developers who want to make it easier use. Under Development: *Expand Printer Support *Expand Modifier Levels *Customization Menu *Plugin support *Simple Menu Editor

Llynix's Point of Sale  v.1.0

A platform independent POS system built with XHTML, PHP and MYSQL. The goal is to have a POS be easy to navigate by computer illiterate people by making the front end a webpage.

Open Source Point of Sale (POS)  v.1.0

The OSPOS project was written in C++, with X Window System based GUI, MySQL datebase, CUPS printers support, UnifiedPOS compatible, currectly developing on Linux, and will run on all POSIX-oriented operating systems, faster, simpler, maybe better : )

Point of Success Office Special Edition  v.2.72

Point of Success software has been chosen by thousands of restaurants for its combination of of useful features and low price. Every restaurant needs the efficiency-enhancing, business-building and security features of a quality point of sale system,

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